dog-anesthesiaAt Cornwall Animal Hospital we understand that any surgery, routine or life saving, is a stressful time for both you and your pet. Our highly trained staff will monitor your animal during the anesthetic procedure from induction until they are in their kennels awake, and out of any danger from the anesthesia.
During all surgical and anesthetic procedures we monitor your animal’s vital signs closely with industry leading equipment including, but not limited to:
Heart Rate- The animals natural beat of the heart, otherwise known as pulse.

Respiration Rate- We monitor the animal’s depth of respiration as well as the number of breaths per minute.
CO2- Capnography tells us if the animal is breathing adequately to deliver enough oxygen to the vital organs during anesthesia. CO2 also allows us to monitor and assess heart function during anesthesia.

Blood Pressure- During anesthesia the patient’s blood pressure tends to drop. We monitor blood pressure so we can keep it at a steady level that will not become too low or too high, possibly damaging vital organs such as the heart and kidneys.
SPO2- The amount of oxygen carried throughout the body by the red blood cells.
ECG- This machine, often seen on television shows, records heart rhythm and function and can detect potentially fatal arrhythmias, heart blocks and other emergency situations in real time so we can act fast to stabilize the patient.

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