Dental Care

Dentistry is the most important, and often the most over looked, aspect of our pet’s health. Dental disease is not limited to dirty teeth and bad breath: Periodontitis is a bacterial infection that can cause damage to the teeth, the jaw bone and even the heart if the bacteria get into the blood stream. Not only is dental disease bad for the teeth and oral health, but it can cause your pet to lose weight, stop eating and drinking, damage the heart, lungs and kidneys and cause potentially deadly heart murmurs in your pet.
Yearly dental exams are just as important as the physical exam and vaccinations. Oral health is the first step to a healthy animal and all owners should consider yearly dental cleanings for their pets. Dental exams and cleanings, called a COHAT (Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment), can detect such things as; plaque and tartar, fractures, missing teeth and abscesses before a bigger problem is formed. Our trained staff will assess your animal, clean and polish the teeth and take x-rays of your pet’s mouth. If extractions are required, they will be performed by the veterinarian.


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