Digital Radiography

2013-08-06-16.54.20-1Digital Radiography is one of our best tools In Diagnosing Your Pet

In modern era it seems like virtually everything has gone digital, and your pet’s visit to the vet is no exception! We are pleased to provide the latest and the best digital radiography (X-Ray) technology for our furry patients. Digital radiography or “X-rays” are becoming more and more mainstream in veterinary medicine, and for couple of reasons,
So with this technology we all are going to take benefiting, pets, owners, and veterinarians everywhere! So what’s so great about digital radiographs?
The advantages of having a fully digital radiography machine is that it reduces radiation that pets receive while they are getting X-Rays, its a lot safer to operate for the staff and the images produced are of high resolution that are able to be enlarged many times over to pinpoint the problem.
They are fast and efficient. With traditional X-rays, an exposure was made and then an actual piece of film was processed with a series of chemicals in order to view the picture. This process was messy and took time. Sometimes the whole process was taken just to find out that the animal’s positioning was suboptimal or the exposure settings inappropriate. With digital films the image literally pops up on a screen near the machine within seconds of taking the X-ray. Minor adjustments can be made with minimal effort, causing much less stress to the staff and the patient.
Also, digital radio graphs are as portable as things come. A digital X-ray can be sent remotely to a screen for the pet owner to view or for other doctors to discuss. Should you wish to take your images for a second opinion or your pet need to be referred to a specialist, the images can easily be sent to the appropriate location. Also, digital images take up much less storage space than old-style films!
Another nice thing about digital radio-graphs is the image quality. Not only are better images obtained due to the immediate feedback that is received, but digital technology produces a much clearer, more detailed image. This gives the veterinarian much more information to work with.
Digital radiography is truly a step into the future. This fast, efficient technology is truly representative of the digital age within the veterinary community.

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