Why do we vaccinate our pets?

Vaccinations help protect your pet from potentially serious and fatal diseases such as Leptospirosis and Rabies. Even indoor pets can come into contact with harmful pathogens while on a walk, at the dog park or simply spending some time in the backyard. Some vaccinations, such as the Rabies vaccination, are mandatory by the Canadian Government. Vaccinations also cost considerably less than the treatments for the diseases that we vaccinate against.

How do vaccinations work?

Vaccinations contain modified viruses or bacteria that will NOT cause disease. When the vaccine enters the body, the animal’s immune system is stimulated to create antibodies against the specific pathogen. The body also stimulates cell mediated immunity, which, in combination with antibodies, responds and fights against the pathogen in question. Later, if the animal is exposed, the body will quickly mount a defense against the disease-causing agent and destroy it.

Why do we vaccinate every year?

Just like we vaccinate every year against the flu virus, animals need annual boosters to their vaccines to keep the body’s immunity levels high enough to keep fighting disease. Overtime protection from vaccines decreases and it is important to booster the vaccines yearly to keep your pet protected from harmful and deadly diseases.

What diseases are vaccines available for?

There are a number of vaccines available for both dogs and cats that will protect them from various diseases.

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